$uper Unity!

POOPY LOOPY DOOPY DOOO! It has come to the attention of $uper Unity that JYRK will be releasing a 5 cd box set spanning a big piece of ye $U ouververvre! We could not be more! I hope I get one!
ATTENTION!! $uper Unity has recently issued a CD on urantia recordings! The packaging is handmade! Screen-printed! Only 100 of this will exist and you want one! Good luck.

$uper Unity, originally comprised of Joe Foster, Kelvin Pittman, Bryan Eubanks, Jean-Paul (JP) Jenkins, and Matthew Voga, but in the spirit of the transcendence of ordinary unity has broadened and constricted to include as few as zero and as many as 88 players (in its Super Duper Unity/Super Dupity incarnations). Together they represent more than Unity they represent
$uper Unity!

An excerpt from a much larger interview

We play freely improvised music, relying on each other and our ears to guide us into fruitful & useful conversation. No plans, no agreements; no structures exist to catch us if we fall. We are both light-hearted and life-serious, because this music is like the air we wish to breath. We are known for relishing unusual performance situations, playing outdoors, in stairwells, on bicycle rikshaws, in inflatable plastic bubbles, public parks, and busy intersections. We also tend to avail ourselves of a variety of performative behaviors, as they occur to us. In our improvisations we are like spheres balancing on spheres, actively conversing with/reacting to each other and telling our own truest stories in our original voices.

"Like the eye of the hurricane their silences roar. They leave no stone unturned, no house standing with their uncanny musical E.S.P." -The Boston Lobe

"When Woody Guthrie meets Albert Ayler in a John Cage Deathmatch you’ll find The Super Unity Group playing the soundtrack and parading the round number placards." -Sheltered Life Magazine

"Modern American folk art at its finest." -I Wear Sweaters E-zine

"Mr. Foster spent 20 minutes furiously spitting on himself and doing apparently nothing on his horn while the other three took turns humping each others' legs. Is this art or a put-on?" -NY Times Financial Secretion

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